An Insight on Campus Recruitment

An Insight on Campus Recruitment

In terms of definition, campus recruitment refers to the process where large companies look forward to filling certain of their vacant positions by employing students or fresher’s from various campuses. With the number of fresher’s increasing at an exponential rate, conducting campus recruitment and hiring fresh talent has become an inexplicable part of most company’s hiring procedure. Campus recruitment has always been associated with large corporations who look for candidates in a bulk. But, does that mean that there is no scope for smaller companies at all?

Well, it is time to change this concept among recruiters. Recruiting young talents is the next big thing in talent acquisition as they are finally the future of your company. The competition for grabbing young talents is only going to grow more and more intense. Most recruiters tend to flock to all the tier-1 and other esteemed colleges and universities for recruiting the final year students in various professional courses. It generally takes place several months before the students are about to appear for their final exams, however, we say, why to wait till then. Fresher’s or young talent is the next level of your talent pipeline. So catch the talented ones before all the crème of the college starts disappearing. For companies hiring fresher’s is one of the most advantageous decision as it is always a great idea to get fresh, energetic and committed individuals brimming with new ideas and excited for new experiences out to fulfill their dreams. They bring the much-needed ambition, hard work, drive on board with a “no strings attached” attitude to the organization.

Why campus recruitment?

Since time immemorial campus recruitment had been one of the predominant methods of recruitment, but, why is it that campus recruitment never goes out of fashion?

Recruiters have always kept campus recruitment as one of their primary process of hiring. But ever wondered campus recruitment is one of the most advantageous and profitable ways to go?

Massive talent pool

When the recruiter visits campus for hiring needs they end up having a vast pool of applications due to the availability of students and their eagerness to be picked among peers. This helps in having a diverse and vast number of potential candidates to choose from. Not all students are the same and the choice a company has in terms of talent is vast. They can even choose and collect data of students who are extremely talented for future reference when they have an opening matching their skills.

Reduced Cost and Effort

According to researchers, searching for a new and relevant talent for a position costs about one and a half times the salary of the position itself. And sometimes it is even as much as high as two and a half times of the salary of the position in the case of high-level managerial executives. In this case, on-campus recruitment will help you in reducing your hiring costs down to an average including as expenses incurred. Grooming the potential talent for your company will eliminate the high search fees and lets the company develop and promote from within which will further raise your organization’s retention rate.

Strong relationship

Organizations which conduct campus interviews and further hiring in a particular college or educational institution they end up establishing a strong relationship with the concerned college and also its students. This helps in increase in the number of students applying for summer internships and training and projects, etc. So, campus recruitment also helps in building a strong pipeline for next year’s recruits as well. This is one thing which is trending in the recruitment industry right now.

Higher selection to hiring ratio

The number of candidates applying during campus recruitment procedure is way higher when compared to the following traditional recruitment methods. This helps in getting more options for a single profile and thus the selection to hiring ratio increases by default. Also, the there is a better chance of having the perfect candidate for the role.

Loyal employees

One of the other advantages of hiring candidates via on-campus recruiting methods is that the young graduates are a loyal bunch of employees who join your organization to take hold of the future talent needs of the company. These high spirited young graduates have high respect and regard for their first company as they tend to become emotionally attached to the organization which gives them their first break. Being their very first employer you will be very close to their heart as well as their resume.

Updated with the latest technology

As time passes and each generation comes they are more fluent and comfortable with newer technologies more than the past generation. The new generation will be more skilled and efficient in handling and understanding new technologies and software hence increasing the efficiency and work quality of the candidates. They are always excited and ready to try out new things which will benefit the organization in the end.