Vidyalankar School of Business – Inauguration of batch 2020 -2022

Day 1 – 18th August 2020, First Speaker – Mr Sudhir Mateti – Head HR – Syntel Telecom.

What a fantastic start to our Induction program and batch inauguration of Academic Session 20-22!!!
I am delighted to share the opening batch session by our guest speaker of the day Mr. Sudhir Mateti.
Sudhir really motivated and guided the entire batch on “How to turn a difficult situation into an opportunity - make the most of Covid-19”. It was a vibrant session with full of experiential exposure with realistic examples.

Few learnings from the session was –

‘’Tech Savvy”, “Skill based employability”, “upscale to outshine”, “How to be positive”, “Volcanic eruption of paradigm shift ”, “External beauty Vs internal Strength”, “Net Take Home of salary or satisfaction”, “Culture Shift from traditional to modern learning”, “Values systems”, “Character building”

Mr Sudhir and our CEO, Mr. Rajesh Pillai resonate values of allowing the young graduates “to go ahead and make mistakes while learning by doing” as the exponential learning from mistakes made have high learning curve.
He was very appreciative that VSB's format of 6 months paid internship is a great USP for both students and corporates.
Thank you Mr. Sudhir for sharing your connects with students and agreeing to be a mentor to our students. Really appreciate your generosity and gesture!

Day 1 – 18th August 2020, Second session - Speaker – Mr. Colin Mendes- Head HR. Voltas Beko.

We were delighted to share the opening batch session with our guest speaker of the day Mr. Colin Mendes. Mr. Colin shared his experience and insights for “Carving a Winner Career in the Better Normal’. It was a very informative session along with positive direction to students to incorporate various skills and values to ensure they are equipped to handle various aspects of corporate life.

Learnings from the session was –

“Winning career”, “Corporate Culture”, “Best utilization on time during pandemic”, “Social media is no more social its more corporate”, “aspects of positive learnings”, “5 Industry shifts”, “Rebuild India, Rejuvenate India”, “expectation from fresher’s”, “New format of work force , work place and Technology”, “Digital Transformation”, “”The New Normal Mindset”, “Golden rules of wining career”

His idea of “Coffee and Cream with Colin” was really the icing on the cake! There was lot of student’s engagement and it was indeed heartening to see young graduates participating with enthusiasm.
Thank you for an excellent session!

Day 2 – 19th August 2020, First Session | Speaker: Mr. Sanjeev Sahgal - Head HR, Strategy and Agile HR, World Bank.

Mr. Sanjeev shared his experience and insights for “The Big Reset – How the world as we know will change?”
The guidance that Sanjeev provided during the webinar for seeking a new position during these severely distressed economic times was "spot on". It was great to hear his thoughts on the industry and economy, as well as his tips to young graduates seeking new opportunities.

Few Takeaways from his session was:
“latest world economic outlook growth projections”, “Talent Shift in next era”, “Changes to work from old model to new model”, “Ikigai”, “21 HR jobs of the future”, “Moving from hierarchy to wirearchy”, “4 important aspects to remember – Be Curious, Circle of Control, Expect anything worthwhile to take a long time and Be a Compass not stopwatch”

Late night session from Washington, DC was super example of distance and time does not really matter when you are passionate about career.
Thank you for an excellent session!

Day 2 – 19th August 2020, Second Session | Speaker: Mr. Sushil Tripathi - Head HR, Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd.

I am delighted to share the opening batch session with our Guest Speaker of the day Mr. Sushil Tripathi.
Mr. Sushil shared his experience and insights on “Building / creating a meaningful career”. The information was helpful and your delivery was sincere and genuine.

Quotes from Viktor Frankl books was very well related by Mr. Sushil during the session. His presence of mind in relating songs with real life situation was mirthful.

Few takeaways from the session:

“Explaining Vidyalankar as Vidya Alankar”, “Attitude defines Altitude”, “Land of dream v/s reality”, “Design life career”, “Follow your passion”, “Live your life”, “Build career capital”, “ Get Noticed”, “Find Purpose of Life”