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VSB - AIMA BizLab is a virtual laboratory designed for management graduates to offer them hands-on experience in management concepts and make them industry-ready.

VSB - AIMA BizLab is a first of its kind virtual lab in Mumbai for management students. Just like the laboratories for other education fields, using the AIMA BizLab software, students may “experiment” with various management strategies and tactics on the given scenario. Specifically designed keeping the learning habits of the new generation of students, VSB - AIMA BizLab provides an unparalleled learning experience.

Linked to PGDM course curriculum
BizLab experiments presents scenarios that require application of concepts being covered in the PGDM curriculum. It therefore helps to develop an integrated perspective of different aspects of management.

VSB – AIMA BizLab --- Fuelled by Advanced Artificial Intelligence

VSB – AIMA BizLab engine is fuelled by Artificial Intelligence technology that responds dynamically to students’ strategy and provides competitive experience that helps build a real-life like experience.

  1. Student experiment with various management strategies and tactics on a given scenario.
  2. Specifically designed keeping in view of learning habits of the new generation of students.
  3. Develops Cross-functional orientation.
  4. Provides an unparalleled learning experience.
  5. Student Leader-board to acknowledge the achievers at the institute level.
  6. Hall of Fame to know where you stand on the national level