Guest Lecture Series

Series 1:
Ethics in Business

On September 28, 2019; it was a great pleasure to welcome Mr. Virendra Gupte – Former Head, International Business at TATA International & Chief Ethics Counselor at TATA Group to share and impart knowledge on “Ethics in Business”.
Since students are entering in the Corporate World and one such quality of Corporate Professional is “ETHICS” and hence the seminar was truly an enriching session for our students to explore immense learning

Series 2: International business-benefits to Nations and benefits to firms

The Placement committee of Vidyalankar VSB PGDM has organized a guest lecture on International Business. The program started with the welcome of the guest Mr. Mahendra Pal Arya – Deputy Vice-President, AXIS Bank Ltd.
Mr. Arya shared his valuable inputs with the students on 'International business-benefits to Nations and benefits to firms

Series 3: Changing Dynamics in Retail space

Vidyalankar VSB-PGDM organized a guest lecture on "Changing Dynamics in Retail space", hosted by Social Media Committee, on 19th October 2019.
Mr. Amit Sharma - Vice President of Future Group shared his valuable thoughts on "Is online marketing impacting on offline marketing?


Former Principal Adviser - International Trade Centre

UNCTAD/WTO, Geneva, Switzerland
The GL was organized to give an exposure to the students about international trade and role of WTO in international trade.
Students got an exposure of what WTO is all about, member countries, and rules and regulations of WTO, how WTO functions and how the WTO evolved over the years as an organization. The current disruptions in world trade and how the trade war between USA and CHINA is affecting world trade. The entire seminar was a very interactive and students gain a lot of valuable and practical knowledge about how WTO actually works.

Series 5: Industry Preparedness: Converting Internship into Pre-Placement Offer

Guest Speaker: Mr. Nilesh Maurya
Director - Omega Capital Finance Ltd.

The guest lecture was organized to orient students for Internships and Final Placement. The session changed perspective of the students about the Corporate World.
Students have learned what recruiters would like to see in them as an ideal management candidate. Students also have learned that recruiters not only look into candidate’s adaptable and flexible approach, but also their market awareness and sector – specific knowledge and skills.
Students were also made aware on the recruiter’s perspective of actually look for “Company-Ready” candidates whom they expect to familiar with the way in which the company operates.

Series 6: Decoding Union Budget 2020

Guest Speaker: DR SIVA KUMAR
Professor and Head- Dept. of Economics, KJ Somaiya, Mumbai

Guest Lecture on “Decoding Union Budget 2020” was organized to familiarize the students with Union Budget 2020.
The students got to know about what Fiscal policy is, about RBI. They also gained a wonderful knowledge on how a fiscal policy is used as a tool to stimulate growth in a period of recession. About expansionary fiscal policy is when government spends more and deflationary fiscal policy is when government spends less.

Series 7: Presentation Skills

Guest Speaker : Mr. Gajendra Shukla
Vice President, Smart Wireless Pvt. Ltd.

Presentation skill is required in delivering effective and engaging presentations to various types of audiences. This skills covers number of areas like structure, slide design, tone of voice and body language during presentation.
Students learned how to deal with nerves and think more positively about public speaking.
They also acquire knowledge on how to consider ways of grabbing the listener's attention, holding their interest, and concluding strongly. They also learned effective use of body language and tone of voice to enhance their presentations, and smart usage of slides and visual aids effectively.
The session ensured among students to deliver an enthusiastic and well-practiced presentation!

Series 8: Consumer Behavior and Service Management

Guest Speaker: Ms. Kaval Kaur
Sr. Regional Marketing Manager, Reliance Retail Ltd.

The Guest Lecture was organized to study how individual customers, groups or organizations select, buy, use, and dispose ideas, goods, and services to satisfy their needs and wants. It refers to the actions of the consumers in the marketplace and the underlying motives for those actions. Also learn to set policies, processes and procedures for managing the implementation, improvement and support of customer-oriented IT services. ITSM encompasses multiple IT management frameworks that can apply to centralized and de-centralized systems.
GL Take-Away:
It is very much clear that it’s a challenge for the organizations to ensure that clients are provided with the best quality services. This promotes the psychological, physical and emotional satisfaction of the clients. All customers' aim at getting value for their money when they purchase a product or on service rendered. Effective services marketing in the tourism and hospitality sector requires marketers to gain a solid understanding of the differences between the marketing of goods and services. Successful organizations use market research to learn the preferences and behaviors of key customer segments.

Series 9: Projects and Internship Guidelines

Guest Speaker: Ms. Kaval Kaur
Sr. Regional Marketing Manager, Reliance Retail Ltd.

The purpose of an internship is to provide real-world experience that enables students to put everything learned into action. An internship can help students gain skills that can be applied to future jobs. Internships may be paid or unpaid, and they tend to last about the length of a school semester or a summer break.
GL Take-Away:
Students understood difference between Internship and project. Internship is where students work as a junior to get real work experience (paid, scholarship, unpaid depends on your situation). Project work is about being assigned to a project. You'd be working with and helping out senior employees with their work in whatever ways you can help.
Students explored various Advantages attached to both Internships and Projects, VIZ; Gain valuable work experience, Explore a career path. Give yourself an edge in the job market. Develop and refine skills. Receive financial compensation. Networking with the professionals in the field. Gain confidence. Swift Transition into a job. SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound)