Guest Lecture Series

Series 1: Digital Revolution

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Guest of Honor: Mr. Prasenjit Roy – Sr. Executive VP & Chief Marketing Officer- NTT - Netmagic
Topic for discussion was “Digital Revolution”. Session focused on blend of digital transformation and importance of digital consumer experience.
Few takeaways from the session:
“Technology Transformation Drivers”, “Digital Transformation”, “Framework Change”, “Digital Marketing”, “BI Tools”, “Data Analytics”, “IOT”, “Digital Customer Experience”, “Transforming sales”, “Social Selling”, “Listen to Changing Needs of Clients”, “Automate Business Process”, “Focus on Client Experience”
The most important takeaway from the session was “People buy experience not product / services”
It was mind blowing interactive session with many surprise quiz which kept students engaged and a zeal to know what’s next.
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Series 2: Personalization and power of personal branding

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Guest of Honor: Dr. Kushal Sanghvi - India Lead, Integral Ad Science
Takeaways from the session:
“Types of personal randing”, “Effects of personal branding”, “Methods of personal branding”, “Advantages of personal branding”, “Transformation in branding”, “Branding and emotional connect”, “Branding strategy region wise ”, “Concepts of branding”, “Impact of personalization and power of personal branding ”
It was an excellent session which was focused on power of personal branding in digitalized world.
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Series 3: Future of work

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10th October 2020, Guest of Honor – Dr. Ankita Singh – Sr. Vice President & Global Head HR | Admin | Travel | IT, CIGNEX Datamatics Topic for discussion was “Future of work”. Session was excellent with realistic concepts to adapt and learn.
Few takeaways from the session was –
“Work- Worker - Workplace”, “Importance of existence of human skills”, “Top ten future of work aspects – Work from anywhere – More opportunities – More choices- balance v/v integration- Virtual – New Real / New Normal – Surviving skills – Innovation- Adaptability – Technology – GIG Economy ”
It was classic blend of all Human Resources concepts, current situations, scenarios, technology shift and companies expectations from the students.
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Series 4: Managing Career During Crisis

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11th October 2020, Guest of Honor – Mr. Vishal Thakur - Associate Vice President Human Resources - Tata Capital Ltd
Topic for discussion was “Managing Career During Crisis”. Session was excellent with real time and personal experiences.
Takeaways from the session was –
“Expectations v/s Reality”, “How to be prepared for any pandemic or challenging situations, “Focus on multiple career options”, “Nature your hobbies”, “Self-motivation”, “Key skills to focus on”, “Running away from any situation is not a solution”
It was an interactive session with perfect examples to relate.
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