Manager or Leader: What works in organizations?

Manager or Leader: What works in organizations?

The leadership is nothing but a process by which a leader can direct, guide or influence people in any situation to achieve specific goals. Leadership is the great ability of any manager to introduce the subordinates to new work, task or project with confidence. Leadership is the ability to influence behavior of other people. In other words, it is the capacity to influence a group to work enthusiastically towards the goal. Also, all leaders are required to develop future visions, so they can motivate the organizational members to want to achieve the aimed visions.

The leadership is not a great mystery. All great leaders have some specific traits in common. These traits can be learned and developed—by anyone. Leader creates circle of influence and lead by inspiring. also, they generate enthusiasm in people by showing how things to be done.

Unlike managers leaders always give credit to the team for any success and take responsibility for any failure. This behavior of leader builds strong trust between leader and team. Innovative leaders cast a vision for team and risk. Strategic thinking leader love challenges and rather than administrating they inspire people to complete challenges successfully.

Leaders futuristic thinking ability enable to deal with any changes. Unlike managers leader do not wait for opportunities they create one. They strongly believe in providing a vision to believe in self and strategic alignment of things.

Every leader has the special ability to boost confidence in other people. So, they can clearly and concisely communicate their simple message to motivate those around them to greater heights of achievement in any situation. Also, people will do more for such leaders they respect than they would do for anyone else.

Leaders are never self-serving. Unlike any star performer employee, they are not focused on proving only themselves but are focused unconditionally on what is best for the organization’s growth. They always put their vision for the company above their own interests.

Great leaders always enjoy what they do and love to communicate their passion to other people. They exude a passionate energy that rubs off on people around them. They have a light, effortless, and clear agenda that is projected to everyone they meet because they are so in tune with their work. Other people feel this and want to be a part of the vision that the leader is bringing forward.

Great leaders possess the foresight to always move ahead, even in the most questionable situation. They always take risks and become successful. that realizes the importance of moving forward—daring themselves and others to venture out in new directions. They realize this is most important part of their responsibility and not something they can turn their backs on. so, once they realize the vision, they rise up to the occasion and take the necessary risks required for implementation.

Leaders never quit leading in any situation. They always embrace and overcome any obstacles easily, personal or otherwise, that stand in their own way. Thus, they primarily need to do the necessary work on themselves. So, to prevent anything from holding them and also eliminate bad habits that are keeping them away from being the best leader possible.

Hence, we can conclude that a great leader is a person with futuristic vision, never quit attitude and a person who can easily inspire people around them to perform difficult task for achieving goal. Also, in case of any failure rather than blaming other people leader takes all responsibility on his/her shoulder. Also, every leader learns to lead by following their primarily trust, vision, knowledge and faith.